Wednesday, October 10, 2012

CAPER 2013

Hey friends, guess what!?! Want to support my education and get AMAZING products and tools at the same time?? It is Caper time!! My only shot to go is if I sell 40 bags of awesome Paul Mitchell promotional bags that are not offered elsewhere!!

What is Caper?? An AMAZING educational opportunity for a limited number of PM students who qualify to go to 3DAYS of education from the Paul Mitchell Advanced Academy AND Professional Artistic Team!!! You have to help me get there!!! If you are not local, call or message me and we will get the bags to you! Do you want big hair? Sleek hair? Flat iron? Tea Tree? Color protection? Mens grooming? We even have one for your fur babies!! NINE bags to chose from with full size products and a great travel bag!!  Sorry if you don't live in close i wont be able to sell you them BUT please check and see if there is a Paul Mitchell school near you and help one of those students to reach their goal!

Please Help Send Me to Caper 2013!
- Casie 

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